Boarding and Day Care is by reservation only.  Holidays and weekends fill up quickly.  Please call our office at 740-927-7829 for available dates.  If we are busy with the pets, leave a message and your call will be returned the same day.

New pets to our facility will be evaluated with the help of the owner to place them in the appropriate play groups.  We limit the number of new dogs in our play groups.  Dogs are color coded to ensure safety and appropriate play for every pet.

We will accept dogs that have not been spayed or neutered as long as they are of good temperament.

Housemates and dogs that are not spayed or neutered will play together in their own playgroup.  We make some exceptions for housemates at the discretion of the play group counselor.  However, dogs that are not spayed or neutered may not play with dogs outside their household.

All dogs must have current vaccination records on file with us.  This includes Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella and Canine Influenza Virus.  We require all vaccinations to be updated and verified with your vet 7 days prior to your pet’s stay.  Please call us at 740-927-7829 if you have any questions about our vaccination requirements.

We can provide Pedigree Adult and Small Bite food, dry and can.  We do encourage pets to bring their own food and can accommodate all types of “Own Food”.

We provide bedding and blankets at no additional charge and are not accepting bedding or blankets from home.  Toys will be accepted if they can be easily sanitized.  Please limit to one favorite toy.

Our mission is to provide the same level of care your pet would enjoy at home.  For that reason, we do not charge for administering medications.  Please bring in medications in the original container marked as follows:

  • Dog’s name
  • Name and strength of the medication
  • Dosage per day
  • Reason for medication