Dog Grooming

meegangroomingCaring for your pet means taking care of your pet, and that includes keeping coats clean and neat and nails trimmed and tidy. Our expert groomer, Leith Merkle – who’s also a retired veterinary technician — has more than 25 years of experience doing just that for all breeds and types of dogs.

Whether it’s a medicated bath to relieve seasonal itchiness, a professional clip to keep your dog’s coat in style, or a nail trim or file to keep feet in healthy shape, Meegan Kennels and Leith can handle it with confidence and kindness.

Call 740-927-7829 for an appointment or get details on services and prices.



Meegan Kennels operates a full-service grooming shop that’s open seven days a week. We do our absolute best to ensure your pet is comfortable, safe and free from stress during the grooming experience. Please note that the final price for grooming is dependent upon the dog’s breed, coat condition and behavior. Call us to confirm pricing.   Typically, dogs are dropped off for grooming in the morning and we call you when they’re ready for pick up later in the day. Grooming can also be combined with overnight and day boarding stays.


Services and Rates

Bath and bath-and-clip services include shampoo, drying and brush out, as well as nail trim/Dremel filing, ear cleaning, and cologne. Again, please call us to confirm pricing for your dog.


Individual “a la carte” services are priced as follows:

Nail trim/Dremel filing – $10 and up

Teeth brushing – $5 and up